The Star Wars Weekend Post

Each weekend this month is a ‘Star Wars Weekend’ at MGM Studios. The park plays host to a lot of Star Wars themed memorabilia, artifacts and celebrities. I had never been in Florida to catch any in the past so I jumped at the chance to go to this weeks event once I found out who the guest celebrities where (Peter Mayhew- Chewbacca, and my personal favorite Jeremy Bullock- Boba Fett). Both were available for a limited number of autographs in various sessions throughout the day. In order to get an audience with each guy you had to wait in a line to get an appointment time, at which point you go back wait in another line and get your autograph. The appointment tickets went at a ‘record pace’ according to a bewildered Disney employee I spoke to when I was announced as the absolute last ticket for Chewbacca. I was lucky enough to run (there was a stampede of nerd and sunburned parents as soon as the park opened) to the Boba line snag a pass then hop over to the Chewy line in time to get the last fast pass.

My sessions weren’t until 4:40 so I had a lot of time to kill in the park. The numerous costumed characters, Q&A sessions, Star Wars presentations and usual MGM rides where more than enough to keep me occupied however. Meeting Jeremy Bullock was fantastic. They guy is a real gentleman, who seems to really care about his fans and was clearly having a great time at the Q&A and when I met him briefly later in the day. Peter Mayhew on the other hand didn’t give off the same vibe, and seemed like he really didn’t want to be there. He reportedly was leaving his autograph sessions early as well which scared me being the last in line, and even went as far to correct a 14 year old boy who got his name wrong when asking a question during the Q&A. As you can tell from the picture I got with the guy, he wasn’t nearly as enthused about it as I was. All in all it was an awesome experience if not a strange one (I had never been to a theme park by myself before), but I had a blast getting to meet my all-time favorite Star Wars characters, trying to pose with some very uncooperative Stormtroopers (they marched past people and told you to “Move along” when you tried for a shot) and even got checked out by Zam Wessel. Fun times, I’ll definitely go back. After the park I was invited back to Carrie’s for some night swimming and leftovers with Cromar which was nice (got my sunglasses back as well!)

Nerdy Adventures of Star Wars boy!:
Zam Stormtroopers Jango Vader Shak’Ti


Anonymous said...

Jamie, I didn't look at this post before I went in and fixed a spelling mistake...but after I did the whole bottom half of the text was messed up. I don't know if it was like that before (I assume it wasn't)...I'm sorry if I messed it up! Can it be fixed? - Sarah

Jamie said...

its cool I fixed it. But never again. Don't make me flex the pimp hand. It takes me to a dark place.