The DeviantART Post

Today I submitted my first work to DeviantART, an online art forum/gallery. While I’m not overly stoked with the piece I stuck up there I am happy with the way it turned out considering it was my first attempt at using the Wacom Tablet for sketching. The picture is of Davy Jones, which should come as no surprise considering the current piratey mood I’ve been in lately. I’m not sure if non-members can view the work posted…but here’s the link to my page there anyway just uncase. Hopefully I’ll have more to show in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Jamie, the drawing is amazing. Especially those eyes. Great work.

Anonymous said...

Scary indeed.

Anonymous said...

Jamie, I just caught up on your recent art work. The sea horse is my favorite. Great imagination. Quite surreal. Great work