The Guitar Hero Post

Was invited down to Kissimmee by Sarah from the office to hang out with Neil, Eddie and her along with a bunch of their friends who were in town. Had a good time shooting the shit and attempting to jam on some Guitar Hero on their massive TV. I say attempting because I might just be the worst guitar player ever. Lefty-flip or no, I was awful and could barely hit any notes despite absolute concentration. Ended up playing the damn thing on my lap like a keyboard so the buttons lined up and I still struggled. Also played ‘Ring of Fire’, a group drinking game that I’d not heard of. Being that I had a ways to drive I was exempt from the majority of the penalties, but the game was fun regardless and something I plan on integrating into my own gatherings in the near future. I can see it working well with the guys back up in VA next time I make it up there.

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