The Sea World Post

This past weekend GMU’s Naomi and Dean where down visiting Orlando as a surprise, birthday present trip for Naomi. While they were here we got in some trips to Downtown Disney, Citywalk a few shopping areas and Sea World. I had only been to Sea World once before (about 11 years ago) so I was keen to back and see what I’ve missed. They're running a special currently where if you buy a single day pass as a Florida resident, you can go back all year through December 31st. I took them up on the offer needless to say. The park was a lot of fun, we caught a lot of shows due to Dean’s excellent mastery of the park map and show schedule, saw Shamu, all the good stuff. We took a ‘steak break’ halfway through the day and left for Steak and Ale, which was excellent. (RIP Steak & Ale, Vienna). Once we were back in the park we got a few more shows in before a torrential downpour loomed overhead and things started getting cancelled and temporarily shut down. We decided to leave at that point, which I was fine with as it gives me lots to go back for over the course of my annual pass.

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