The All American Post

My economic stimulus check arrived in my account this week and I am extremely excited. While getting a nice chunk of undeserved money is always a good thing, I am particularly excited about this particular kickback. I’ve decided to finally make an effort towards my new year’s resolution and get the ball rolling on my citizenship application. The filing and biometric fees on the application are in the high 600’s so what better way to stimulate the American economy that by turning that money right back around and giving it to the government? That while at the same time adding a fresh and eager American to the roster? Ok maybe spending the money on a Bald Eagle and teaching it the theme song to Team America World Police, and how to light fireworks would top it.... I’m pretty pleased about the whole endeavor as I’ve wanted to get the process started for ages now, but the price tag and 18 month turnaround on the application/test/swearing in has always put it somewhat out of reach.

On the other hand I have had reservations about taking the plunge. The best way I can describe it (as I tend to do whenever the subject comes up) is that being British is kinda like being left-handed. While being right handed would make my life allot easier and simpler, being a lefty is kinda part of who I am, so would I really want to change something I sorta like about myself in favor of what makes sense from a logistical standpoint? Being British has always made me feel a little special over here, and there is a definite appeal for me. Truth be told though I love living in the States and don’t ever plan to not be here. I see the opportunities available to me as a citizen as being something I really want and will benefit from and its really only fair considering I have lived here longer than I ever lived in the UK at this point. Stefan already has his application underway via the Army and the rest of the family are coming along too. It just feels right, and to be honest I’m almost looking forward to having to take a civics quiz and filling out all the paperwork. I even bought note cards!

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