The Weekend Update Post

Despite the title this post will not end with Jimmy Fallon throwing a pencil at the camera. Oh he's not on the show anymore?...yeah well that was a test. You still watch SNL? SHAMEFINGER!!

This past weekend I took a trip back to VA to spend some time with Sarah. I finally got to meet her coworkers which was cool if not long overdue, as well as get the chance to chill with some of my good buddies downtown in Georgetown for a night. We went to Carpool in Herndon one night for some pool with Cara and her boyfriend Fernando, and managed to catch Pete at Eric’s place in Arlington before heading out.

Mother’s Day had me busting at the seems after Sam, Jake, Dad and Me took Mum up to Amphora for a ridiculously large breakfast. It was a real shame that Stefan couldn’t be there, but I did get the chance to speak with him over the weekend which was great. He seems to be doing well though I definitely detected a desire to get back home. Which of course I cant blame him for in the slightest. Mum was really pleased with her morning though and it was a lot of fun. Being away from my family makes me really appreciate how much sitting down together means to me. I can’t wait till Stefan’s summer leave later on this year where we will hopefully all be able to get together and spend some time as the whole unit again. Caught Ali and Bob up at Tyson’s for a quick drink too, so despite the short visit I got to see a lot of my family.

Finished up the weekend as a guest player for Sarah and Eric’s kickball team (Detective John Kimble) which was pretty awesome despite Virginia’s consistent attempts to ruin the weekend with shitty weather. It was cool again to meet all the people I hear so much about, and I had a blast. Unfortunately the game ended in a tie, but it was a high scoring game (17-17 in the end I think) so its not like we weren’t trying or anything. Plus any game that ends with the referee hopping on a scooter and zipping off of the mall becomes officially awesome regardless.

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