The 'snap yo fangas' Post

Our company recently landed The Doodlebops as one of our brands for Amazing Pictures and Tom and I have been working at getting some APs ready for approval. Not being 3 (or owning a child that is 3) I had no idea what The Doodlepops are so I logged on and searched them out so I’d have an idea what we where putting together. Turns out the Doodlebops are every bit as ridiculous as their name entails, but are very popular with the toddler-crowd. They sing and dance and dress like cracked out Teletubby-Wiggle hybrids pretty much. Oh and ride around in a ridiculous bus with Bus Driver Bob. Why tell you about this? Well in our searching for some Doodle-material Tom came across this little gem on YouTube. The usual little ditty ‘Get on the Bus’ has been replaced with everyone’s favorite gangsta rap of 2006*. What’s so great about it is how well it all ties up. I can’t help but crack up watching this, so I figured I’d share.

*Or whenever. I wont pretend to know the details.

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