The Random Survey Post

Most people get upset when it comes to tele-marketers and I am definitely amongst the majority when it comes to cold calls. However I am a sucker for a good survey. I am not sure what separates the two, maybe the simple fact that they aren’t trying to sell me something, or that I like to feel my opinion matters; probably a combination of the two. I like to feel like I am being evaluated or examined. Going to the doctor's office, having my IQ or palm read, or even getting measured by a tailor, it gives me an odd sensation of satisfaction and personal doting. Surveys definitely fall into that category for me for whatever reason. Why mention this? Well I just received a call from a survey company in Michigan who where conducting a study on my utilities company and the value to me vs. Green Energy efforts. I sat for a few good minutes answering the questions along the scales provided and offering up a lot of 1-10 responses. After getting off the phone I felt that odd satisfaction I get after being tended to or doted on, so I figured I’d share. I’m also currently participating in a month-long survey at AskMen.com where each Wednesday there is a new section of their survey to complete. If you are a survey-nut like I apparently am I’d recommend checking it out. ---Yeah ok, so this might win for most random post ever, but there you go. The end.

P.S. I like surveys. Do you? Please answer on a 1 to 10 scale with 1 being not at all, 5 being neutral and 10 being very much so.

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