The Drink Around the World Post

Hit Epcot yesterday with Bruce and Dianna using some tickets that where generously passed on to me by Dawn over in the Sports Department. They expire at the end of the week so I figured a trip out to the park would be a good idea on the long weekend. I was really keen on trying the ‘drink around the world’ challenge Bruce was talking about where you hit the World Showcase and have a beverage at each country. It was pretty good fun and we got some pretty good pictures on the tour. About halfway around the lagoon though the heat and drinks got the better of me. Around USA I was in a good mood, which was only antagonized by Plumb Wine shots came around in Japan (see Ninja strangling picture below). After that I stuck with beer. We skipped Africa because…well its not even called Africa on the map, just ‘the outpost’ and consists of a few wooden carvings for sale, a drum and a Coke vending machine.* Here are my Drink-around-the-world shots in order: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, England, and Canada.

*Disney was so racist.

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