The Jawsome Post

The other day I partially dislocated my jaw during an overly exaggerated yawn first thing at work. I was tired, as I often am at the start of the work week and felt the need to yawn like a silent opera singer. During which I felt a stiff pop and wet tearing feeling right in front of my left ear. Followed of course by the lovely sensation of being punched in the face. Two weeks later, it still hurts to clench my teeth or fully extend my jaw (say for yawning) and I am starting to gnash my teeth at night to compensate. All in all it’s pretty unpleasant. So I might just have the weakest jaw muscles of all time. I prefer to think I’m just so hardcore even my yawns can shatter the human body. But that’s just my take on it. Which is actually a lot more useful than the take my doctor offered. Our entire encounter consisted of a few very brief comments:

Dr: Did you have to pop it back in place before you could close it?

Me: No.

Dr: Then it’s a partial dislocation. Take Ibuprofen before each meal for a week.

Me: Well it happened two weeks ago.

Dr: Call an aural surgeon if Ibuprofen doesn’t work.

Me: Ok.

[ Exit Doctor ]

After a weekend of eating Ibuprofen whenever I remember and trying not to poke my face too much I am noticing an improvement. Hopefully I can just ride it out and not have to bother going seeing a specialist. If my jaw heals crooked you all have to promise not to poke fun ok. Thanks.


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