The Boyband Post

So last night I felt the need for a change and went to a salon at the Millennia Mall (the pretty people / expensive mall) to get a ‘proper haircut’ as I was telling myself. I went in open minded and pretty much surrendered all design decisions to the stylist there. An hour and a half of foils, smelly chemicals and reading terrible magazines later I pretty much have the exact same haircut but in crazy colors. I am not sure about it myself, especially considering the ridiculous price tag, but I was given lots of compliments today at work as I rocked my self titled ‘boy-band hair’ to the office. Not sure how many of those where merely courteously compliments, but they seemed positive none-the-less. Kim offered a very complimentary “mid life crisis!” jab when she stopped by my desk, but besides that I was able to avoid the jabs for the most part. Anyway here it is, be nice:


Anonymous said...

Well - change is good! Love it ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Very sexy. Really suits you.