The Downtown Post

Last night I went downtown with Buck and Lola from work. Buck is a DJ and both are heavy into the Orlando music scene and electronic techno. Being a fan of the genre I decided to tag along with them on a trip to a club downtown called Suite B. Not being able to dance and very new to the going-to-clubs scene I was a little skeptical, but wanted to take Lola up on her invite. I had a terrific time. The tunes were awesome, the environment was cool and the costumes were as skanky as can be. (what a terrific holiday Halloween is).

They roped off roads in downtown and it was a mess of partying, costumed college kids. Lots of fun. I went wearing my luchadore mask and smokers robe…yeah its not a ‘costume’ per see, but it worked considering the short notice. Before heading downtown we stopped in at a friend of Buck’s house who was having a party. Apparently I was looking in the wrong area of town for apartments, because their place was very nice, and put mine to shame. The area is a lot less crime ridden too (which is always a plus). Oh well, something to consider in a year when my lease is up. Daylight savings time afforded us an extra hour of downtown debauchery, which was brilliant. Didn’t end up back at my place till well after five…er four, I suppose. All in all a great night out and a terrific first foray into the downtown scene. I look forward to going back.

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