The Bathtub Post

My bathtub is in poor shape. The tub itself is fine but the cheap spay seal that my apartment company covers all sinks/tubs with is on its last legs. Water has leaked underneath the sealant and bubbled, causing peeling and exposure of the tub underneath. Its not an issue beside the fact that its pretty ugly. I don’t, however, want to have to be responsible for the repair come the end of my lease, so I’ve been going back and forth with the leasing office to have someone repair it. Preferably on a weekend because it takes 24 hours to dry. This weekend was when the repair was supposed to take place. 9:30 this morning was the time I was given. So I got up early on a Saturday (a crime in 49 states if I’m not mistaken) and showered up and got the tub cleaned and ready for the fix. 11:00 rolls around and no show on the repair guys.

So I call my apartment office. No answer. Call back 20 min later…busy. I continued to call on and off for an hour…busy, busy, busy. I finally get someone, and explain my situation and she tells me she’ll call back. 2 hours after that, I call again. The person I spoke to earlier has gone home for the day. Great. So I re-lament how I needed the guys to show up soon as I can't be without a bathroom during the week. She says she’ll call me back after calling the woman who originally scheduled the repair last week. This time I was amazed that she did call back. Unfortunately the woman who she spoke with claims to have never made a claim that anyone would come to my apartment, nor that she authorized any repair. Slightly pissed in tone, I told the woman that I was explained the procedure and how it would take 24 hours to dry and that the outsourced repair guys where set to come this morning, and I don’t know how I would have that information had I not spoken with someone to organize the repair. She had no answer to this besides that she'll call me on Monday once the other woman is in the office. We shall see. Either way I’m putting in my notice with these guys on the 30th. It would be nice to have this issue resolved before then however. But that is looking less and less likely.

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