The 'Major' Letdown Post

As you may or may not know I entered the Doritos sponsored Unlock Xbox contest, in which gamers submitted Doritos inspired arcade games online. 5 Winners were to be selected and of those five a grand champion who would have his/her game published and available on Xbox Live. One week before the finalists were to be announced a video appeared on the contest website detailing the submission process and the narrowing down to 5 finalists. During the video my image was shown as one of the five that remained (after the screen gradually eliminated submitted images). This got me extremely stoked and feverishly awaiting the final judging. Last week it came to my attention that Major Nelson, the Xbox content manager would be touring the US and surprising the winners by letting them know they won in person. Not only that, he was blogging the whole trip. While he wouldn’t give up any concrete facts as to his location en route, he left little tidbits of clues for hopeful contestants to track. After coming really close (Florida’s Panhandle and Atlanta where two of his stops) I was left empty handed. I was really enthused about tracking the guy, and had my co-workers, family, girlfriend and even girlfriends’ co-workers all feverishly checking for blog updates on the Major’s site. Meh, whatever. Though bitter I am over it. Least I was until today where I got to see the finalists. How they selected some of these I have no earthly idea. I’m sure there is a good reason. But as someone who just lost to Pillbug's Quest For Flavor and Monkey's From Mt. Dorito I am rather bummed.

Least they used me in a video which means they liked the picture enough to spend some time on it. And as depressing as walking away without a plasma TV (one of the many awesome prizes all the finalists get) I did have a lot of fun getting overly stoked over the prospect of Major Nelson ringing the doorbell.

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