The Measurement Post

Today I took off to Millennia for my lunch break and visited the new apartment complex. Construction and safety inspections were completed this week on my unit and the keys had arrived from Orange County (they do the inspecting before people can enter a new building). I stopped by to measure the place so I’ll have a good idea what will and wont work furniture wise. Though I don’t move in for another month I am eagerly anticipating making the jump to the new place. That and the fact that the holiday weekend will undoubtedly offer some great sofa deals, and I don’t want to have a sectional delivered that wont fit in the door. Place looks good, everything seemed in tip top shape (plus side to it being less than two days old). I am really liking the management staff there too. They are all always so nice and helpful, and more than willing to toss keys my way to go check stuff out without constant supervision (I have a trustworthy face apparently). Also met the building superintendent, who is a pretty cool guy. That’s him in the kitchen if you were wondering. These shots are pretty week and don’t do a very good job of capturing the rooms, but here you go regardless.

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