The Unproductive Morning Post

This morning kinda sucked. Got up early to go to the gym with Craig. We’ve been slacking recently due to him being allover the place on business trips, and me being incapable of exercising without someone to tell me to. As I stumble to my car I notice there is more broken glass allover the parking lot. I pick up two or three Corona bottles every time I head to the dumpsters these days. Apparently drinking in the parking lot is way cooler if I leave bottles in the middle of the street. Last night it seems, smashing them on the curb was the ‘in thing’ to do, as there were numerous patches of glass explosions on the ground on the way to my car. I start my trip to the gym and notice that my car is making odd noises. I pull over, and sure enough my back tire is flat, and all four wheels are covered in a powdered glass sparkle. I head back, change into work clothes find the closest place that is open and slowly roll down to Pep-Boys. Have to wait 45 min. for them to open then rush in with my car to have them check out my tires.

Turns out only one was punctured, the others were just dirtied. Interestingly enough it was a screw that had driven itself into the rear tire, not a shard of glass. Had I not have left for the gym early I would have been late for work, as the repairs took longer than seemingly necessary. When I got to the office I had to apologize for bailing on Craig, which is never fun. Found out that I had missed my dentist appointment I had scheduled for yesterday also, which was a pain to re-organize. While on the phone I also attempted to change my flight time on Friday to something earlier so that I’d get the chance to see Stefan before he leaves on Saturday for training. However after staying FOREVER on the phone I found it would cost me $240 bucks to shift my flight a few hours ahead. For that price I could make a second trip. So I had to abstain. Shame that I will barely see Stef on the upcoming trip though.

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