The Zaxby's Post

So you should find a Zaxby’s and go there. That’s pretty much the point of this post. If you care not for delicious chicken meals of the fast-food variety then go ahead and skip this post, because it doesn’t get any deeper than that.

I had never eaten at a Zaxby’s before coming down here, and had often wondered what the hell the place was as I passed it on my way to and from Target. One sunny Saturday, during a tour of area furniture shops I decided to give it a shot and see what kinda food they have (its all chicken by the way). So I go in and order the Kickin’ Chicken Sandwich, which consists of two thick slices of garlic buttered toast covered with mild buffalo wing strips and melted cheese. There is some sort of white sauce, probably mayo or ranch in there too, but it all melts with the cheese and wing sauce so I cant vouch either way. Anyway…best, sandwich, ever! Well ok, its no Potbellies, but its definitely pretty damn great. You should look into it if you haven’t partaken already. Here's a head start.

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