The Trip Home Post

This past weekend I went back home to VA as a belated ‘birthday present’ for Mum. It was great to head back and spend quality family time with everyone. Stefan was in and out at training unfortunately, but made an effort to come back each night and spend time with everyone which I really appreciated. Went bowling with the family and Sarah; watched 300 on the projector poolside with Dad’s very impressive homebrew outdoor theater system; visited Eric’s badass new apartment in Arlington as well as visited the construction site that is/was his parents’ house (it’s looking awesome); chilled poolside with special guests Patricio, Alex and Jevan; tried out Sam’s amazingly comfortable new bed; saw Sarah’s swanky new office and even snuck in a lunch at Potbellies after stopping by for a quick hello at the Hunt’s. Sarah stuck with me from baggage claim in the arrival lounge all the way to dropping me off outside of the check-in. It was great to have her with me the whole time. I miss her already. Her new camera was in full force so I’ll maybe have some pictures to share later on. Though I looked through a couple and it looks like I’ll have to censor out a fair few (she has a knack for catching me looking like a complete prat).

One of the best parts about being home, besides the company of course, is always the food. I always look forward to eating well, and Mum and Dad never disappoint. Crepes in the morning, tenderloin for dinner, whatever the meal it’s always appetizing. We had a terrific BBQ with Ali and Bob last night right before I had to hit the airport, which was delicious enough to tide me over on my long and delayed flight. It was great to see Ali and Bob again, especially this time due to the finalized copy of Bob’s new book making an appearance. The book, which I illustrated, will be getting published in the next few weeks. More on that to come I assure you.

Though I feel bad about abandoning my hopelessly lonely cat, and don’t have any vacation days coming my way for a fair while, I really do love to take these little trips back home. I wish they could be longer, though I fear that if they went on too much more than a weekend then I’d be hard pressed to be able to ever leave.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to see you too. Just in case you're interested the Aardvark tongue blog is now up and running: www.aardvarktongue.com/blog

Fabulous illustration by the way!