The Red Ring Returns Post

The ‘red-ring-of-death’ is once again plaguing my 360. Meaning that the little guy is going to have to be mailed away for a second round of surgery. As most gamers will probably attest to, this is particularly irritating being that the summer drought on game releases just ended and great titles are hitting the system pretty much every week from here till the holidays. Being that this is the second offense I’m hoping that they will send me a fresh console vs. Trying to patch mine back together again. Mainly because it will probably avoid further issues as mine is a aft-defective launch unit, but also because the newer models run quieter and have HDMI output. Fingers crossed. *end nerd rant*

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naomi said...

argh! i was hoping to get some of your impressions of bioshock! I dl'ed the pcdemo and think it'll be a strong contendor for GOTY.