The Unobtainable Couch Post

This past weekend I went looking for new furniture for my new apartment. I know I don’t move in for another month and a half, but I figured I could price some things and possibly arrange for delivery in advance. Many places had interesting pieces, but most of which where far too pricey. Furniture is one of those things I’ve found that can cost as much as you are willing to pay. I stopped by Ethan Allen to see what they had on offer and was met by Linda, a very nice designer, who walked the store with me, showed me fabric patterns and sat me down with a catalogue and material swatches to plan and design a sectional from the ground up. Very cool idea, but considering the couch would cost more in monthly payments than my apartment is worth, I believe I’ll have to shop a little more thriftily.

I hit outlet stores, used furniture galleries and designer places. The best luck was at the huge furniture showrooms as far as quality-to-price goes. I could deck my whole place out for under 300 bucks at some stores. But I imagine I’d be in the same boat I am currently, wherein all my furniture is falling apart a year down the road (damn you Wal-Mart rollback event!) I found the perfect couch; sectional rather, that would be absolutely brilliant in the corner of my new place. It’s a low-backed sectional with a chaise arm that is comfortable as all hell and is in the exact style I’m after. The thing is $999 however, but the sales event running could save me 10%. So I figured with the financing they offer I could pay a nice 100…150 bucks a month and pay it of no problem. Unfortunately when I went to sign the paperwork I was not approved for the credit. Which stinks as I was really keen on locking that particular couch down… There is a chance I’ll be approve after its been reviewed, but generally when you don’t get the green light on the instant in-store credit, you don’t get approved later on either.

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