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Last night I went to Timpano Chophouse for the first show for ‘Dick Simmons and the Amazing Swing Band’. Mr. Simmons is the owner of Colorvision and has been a long time karaoke and lunge singer. He’s pretty good and has a solid Sinatra crooner style to his voice. I designed the band’s logo recently for him and skinned his bandstands/designed his invitations for last night’s event. To have a pleasant first night, Dick invited a lot of department heads and important people from work and his social circle to go to Timpano’s for a meal on him to serve as his debut audience. I didn’t get an invite directly which was unfortunate, but his assistant Donna invited me along as her ‘plus one’ which I was appreciative of. I know it’s cheesy to say, but I like to be included in these sort of company events, especially now that I have more vested in the company job-wise. Food was excellent and made even better by the fact that I had two steaks and two rounds of desert due to a delivery issue at our table. Delicious food, good company and fun entertainment. Having never been before I was impressed with Timpano’s lounge atmosphere and had a great time hanging out with everyone before and after the show.

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