The Arrival Post

As spacious as the seats were they just weren’t long enough for me to fully lay down, which lead to 90 different position changes over the course of the night. Waking up every 15 minutes to a dead leg or arm that’s completely numb kinda sucks, but still beats having to stay awake and stop for gas. We arrived an hour behind schedule due to some stoppage time in North Carolina that backed us up, but all in all the trip went by smoothly. I was one of the last cars to be unloaded off of the car storage container, which was a bit of a nuisance, but I took the opportunity to acclimate to the hot Florida sun. After being acclimated for the better part of an hour I was getting a little fed up of watching everyone else zoom off in their vehicles. Then finally my number was called (#72 not that you were wondering).

On the way through Orlando I stopped at the apartment complex to confirm that my application and checks had arrived. They hadn’t, which really irked me being that I sent them on Thursday of last week. I other bad news for me: the apartment I wanted had been leased. And the next available one is on the 22nd. Fine, not that big of a deal, but I only have Uncle Cromar’s house till the 20th… more on that as it develops. I ran out and got some money orders and went back, filled out another damn application and got approved for the 22nd. It’s at times like these where having the same name as your father really comes in handy: I was approved instantly with no additional deposit, an oddity considering I have no rental history. Suzanne (the woman doing the lease) realized she had searched under my father’s name after the approval had come through, and was cool enough not to say anything to her manager, saved me 400 bucks. Props to Suzanne.

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