The Religious Mattress Post

First weekend in Orlando, as well as the first weekend where I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. It’s been quite a hassle getting down here and organizing this move. Lots of deadlines, meetings, phone calls and interviews, not to mention driving. And now I finally get a weekend to myself to sleep in, plug in the 360, laze about by the pool and watch some football. No rush on finding the hotspots in Orlando, I’ll find them once I move closer to the city. As is, I’m a good 45 minute drive both ways from town anyway, and I’m not desperate to drive unnecessarily quite yet. Plus come Friday I will have moved out to the new apartment and wont have the luxury of another weekend at Cromar’s house, so I wanted to make the most of my time here.

I didn’t think I was sleep deprived this week, but I slept like the dead. Something about a sunny room, warm weather, and a king-size plush that made it hard to get up too. I awoke to a knocking a the door, and was greeted by Mitch and Raymond, two Jehovah’s Witnesses that wanted to tell me all about how terrorism and evil wont be an issue for me if I join there church and get beamed up to God’s perfect kingdom when he returns. I spent a good half an hour explaining in a mellow and polite manner, why that made no sense at all, and actually got them to a point where they had no response. They left me with a plethora of booklets and a promise to return when ‘better equipped to continue this conversation’.

I was mildly productive this weekend. Got an oil change and tire rotation a the local EZ Lube, priced some mattresses at various different places and sorted out internet and phone service for the new apartment. Anyway, back to work this week, and into the new place on Friday, so I am excited should be a good week. Working on some graphical resizes for Nickelodeon Family Suites at the moment, nothing major, just reformatting of old designs into a new template. Getting to work with licenses like Dora, Rugrats and Spongbob is kind of cool though.

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