The move-out post

Last week was the initial trip down to Florida to get everything sorted out before the big move. This was the trip that would (hopefully) give me an idea as far as a moving date, job location and sort out my driver’s license. Fortunately we accomplished just that. It’s official; my moving date is

September 10th 2006.

I will start work on the famous Sept. 11th for Aquent Design Solutions. And move into my apartment on the 15th (or 20th depending on when the apartment is free). Sarah and Stefan made the trip too and we had a great time staying in Uncle Cromar’s holiday home just south of Orlando. While this trip got a lot of my questions answered, the downside to all this productivity is that I need to be living in Florida in less than a week… I have so much to do before then it’s not even funny. So this next week will be stressful as hell, and let’s be honest; I would bet that the next few following are going to be pretty crazy also. The really kicker is going to be that I wont get to say 'good-bye' to the majority of my fellow Northern Virginians before I need to leave.

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