The last-week post

I’m trying to get ahold of my future employers over at Colorvision to see if I can’t postpone my start date till Tuesday next week, that way I’d be able to take the Amtrack with my car and avoid the miles on old ‘Luchadr’. Costs a little more than all the gas I’d need, but I can sleep en route and wont have to drive solo for 12 hrs. Can’t bring the cat though…so Coolio will have to wait until Christmas to make the move down, which is a bummer. Got to hang out with Darius and Jevan last night, and Patricio and Paul the night prior, Brent and Duncan tonight, and Erin tomorrow so I’m getting to see a few people before I head out. Sad truth of it is though that there are many people I want to see before leaving that I just wont get to. Oh well, there is always a Christmas visit to rely on (so I keep telling myself).

Dad’s 50
th is coming up on Saturday. Stefan and I will be tending bar for 40-or-so of Dad’s buddies, should be fun. It’s the maiden voyage for the Tiki-Bar out back, so it’ll be great to break it in at least once before I go. Still need to get him a card… On a random note: Here are a few shots from the road trip last week

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