The Check-In Post

Today I dipped off on my lunch break to check off on the apartment and get my keys. All in all I’m very pleased with the place. Smells like the paint and carpet, but that’s because both are bland new, which is nice. New vinyl in the bathroom and on the countertops too. Screen door on the balcony is missing, and a few chips off the sink, but besides that it’s in pretty good shape. Nice location within the complex, close to laundry and easy exit, but not facing the street, plus very close to parking. Heading back there after work to move my preliminary supplies in (which are getting hot in the back of my car as I type this) and will come back again tomorrow with the rest of my stuff from Cromar’s.

Yesterday I was stuck in downtown’s wonderful traffic (its pretty killer here, like beltway crazy but with more exits filtering) as I headed off in search of a mattress. Which I found, and at a good price. I’ll strap it to the roof of my car and bring it home tomorrow now that I have the apartment keys. Got a middle-of-the-range, full-size mattress (no box) and went to target and opted for the ‘luxury’ pillow top cover, hoping that if I get the expensive cover and a moderate mattress, that the end result will be worth sleeping on. Fingers crossed, worst-case scenario I’ve always got the air mattress.

Internet is to be hooked up this weekend, so barring any issues my next post should be from my new place.

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