The First Day Post

Today was my first day working over at Colorvision/Amazing Pictures, and so far so good. I got too meet my co-workers as well as tour the whole facility, which is much bigger and more comprehensive than I initially thought. My first assignment is an entrance frame for Sea World San Diego. Kind of cool getting all the high-resolution source images directly from Sea World to work with. My design is almost finished barring a few more edit sessions with Bruce the Art Director then they get sent off to Sea World Corporate for approval. I may just be a design-nerd here, but its really exciting to get to work with such high profile companies, and have pieces of work that will be distributed to hundreds of customers. Not to mention that I can now add Sea World to my list of clients on my portfolio page, which totally trumps the current big name (so long uBid!) on my list of local clientèle.

In other news I got my mail today and my much-anticipated driver’s license, gay address and all. I really cant complain though, living here wh
ile I search for an apartment has been a terrific way to start my instate living while at the same time search for a place closer to the city. Again cheers to Uncle Cromar.

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