The Love Bug Post

So there are lots of odd little critters running about in the wild down here that I’m not used to. The geckos are still my favorite and amaze me with how fast the can run and how well they can cling to the smoothest of surfaces. Giant locusts on the pool screen, 2- foot tall Red-Crested Cranes pecking through trash and nesting on people’s lawns, weird snails that cling to concrete buildings and a few other oddities. No deer or squirrels though, which is awesome. There is another creature in this area however that I had never heard or seen before. They are called ‘Love Bugs’. Named due to the fact that they are mating 100% of the time, these bumbling bugs look like a two headed flying beetle, connected at the butt to their mates. Being that they are two different bugs they fly allover the place and often just drop to land on your window or person haphazardly. Having never seen these horney little bastards before I naively assumed it was two bugs fighting the first time a pair landed on my windshield. Upon seeing three more pairs going at it on my front door later that day, I figured it out. I found out yesterday that apparently they are not native to this area, but sprung up like crazy a few years back off of a shipment of bananas or something. Also, apparently they contain a highly corrosive acid that, when smeared on a car, eats through bodywork “like in the movie alien but on a microscopic scale”. Not cool. It’s been highly recommended that I spray the Focus with a coat of Love Bug Juice (charming sounding) to prevent their noxious bowels from stripping my car.

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Sam V. said...

That's disgusting!