The Overnight Train Post

Up early to start packing. Why I waited right down to the day of departure before I started packing my computer I have no idea…to many wires! It’s very strange to see my basement half empty and my car completely full. As I’m sure you know I am very much defined by my possessions and am very materialistic. To see my life in boxes and bags getting moved out is hard for me. Urgh, I don’t like change, even elective change.

I won’t lie. I cried on the trip out.

Half an hour or so later I’m at Lorton Station handing off my keys and checking myself in to the departure lounge. Strange not having my keys on me, even stranger that they are in my car along with everything I own. I have to say, this Auto Train isn’t a bad idea. A little more expensive than however many tanks of gas it’d take me to get down to Orlando, but getting to sleep and not having to worry about the drive or pay any attention to anything for the duration of t
he trip is very much worth it. Had I not just made the drive a week prior with Sarah and Stefan, then maybe I’d me more include to spend 12 hours on the road. Accommodations were spacious, meals were actually very nice, and I got to sleep. I met an actor in the dining car who recently shot a commercial for Ford where in he and four guys drive up to someplace and help a stranger set up a barber shop…yeah I dunno what that has to do with Ford’s either, but I’ll look out for him. Anyone else seen it? He’s apparently also in the new Mark Walburg-Football movie as a background coach. Obscure or not, he made for interesting table conversation.

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