The Universal Exclusive Post

Halloween Horror Nights is a month-long event that Universal Studios run every year, featuring haunted houses, scary shows and lots of costumed freaks running around with chainsaws and fake blood. Last night they shut down both parks and allowed only Universal Employees in (with one guest each). So being an employee of a vendor that deals with Universal Studios, I was able to get in last night thanks to some finagling by Bruce on my behalf. However what’s cooler is that Bruce’s childhood friend works at Universal building the custom cameras they use for filming in the studios, and has a Back Lot gate pass. So we got to arrive and check in with the crews and get into the park a good hour before the thousands of employees (who were lined up, waiting outside the main gate). Further more, I was mistaken for an off-duty park employee and got free novelty cups, that were good all night for $2 refills. It was awesome, all the restaurants were opened up and you could have anything in the park for free, temporary bars where set up on every corner (complete with skanky beer babes), and loads of effort had gone into the event to make it creepy.

Really nice, themed haunted houses, and “scare zones” where people accost you in the streets, and some really funny stage shows. Being that it was employees only, they pull out all the stops and get a little raunchy and try things they couldn’t do with regular guests. Their Bill & Ted show got an explicit upgrade and was absolutely hilarious. Mock Tom Cruises with Kate (and demon baby) check. Sam Jackson shooting ‘mutha fucn’ snakes!”, check. Other spoofs included a very flamboyant super!man, facing off in a dance contest with X-Man Juggy-naught and loads of sexual innuendo with Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow spoofs. It’s funny to see how much they can get away with, and was an awesome show. I’ve got a few Back-Lot shots and some clips to share, but only from the stage show unfortunately. All in all an awesome night, free food, cheap beer, and backlot access to an exclusive event; definitely a great set of perks from the new job.

This video doesn’t really do the awesome night any justice, but I wanted to get a video on YouTube. You get a good look at Juggynaught and Bruce chugging fog-machine gas though! HELLS YEAH!

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