The Postal Post

After many hours of meetings, form signing, phone orders and shopping around, I officially have an address, a phone service, and the internet all coming my way this weekend. Gimme a call or drop me an IM if you'd like my new location. This should help for all your Mapquests when you come and visit me. Because you are all going to come visit me RIGHT? For the record I accept care packages, love letters and all forms of hate mail. Send me an email and I’ll give you my new phone number too. I think I read somewhere that posting your number and address on the internet lead to sales calls, stlakers and eventually murder... or something… best play it safe eh. Phone and internet will be running on Sunday, and the move in date is this Friday. Going to be a busy week for me, looks like.

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Eric F. said...

Good to hear everything is going smoothly. By the way, your fantasy football team just beat mine, bastard. Looking forward to your reinstatement to the internet so you can join the hockey league.