The Self-Promotion Post

So my fantasy football team; The Orlando British Empire, are tearing up the league, 3-0 putting me in the top spot for my division. Not bad considering I’m a fledgling football fan. I’m sure that now that I said it, I’ll be jinxed for the rest of the season, but I wanted to boast before my winning streak comes to and end. Three teams have fallen to the Empire, (including Eric’s JMU Hotrods) and this week’s match ended with a crushing 100pt lead (168-61). Now I’m no expert, but that’s a lot. Go me. You can check up on my awesomeness at the league homepage in the links menu. Or just take my word for it and agree that I kick serious fantasy ass.

UPDATE: No sooner do I start to boast Terrell Owens trys to kill himself. Karma right there.

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