The Painterly Post

Today I finished my first canvas painting. I decided I want to decorate my apartment with my own artwork, in an attempt to make the plain white, gallery-eske, walls more homely. This first attempt at painting is an effort to tie my room’s colors together (white walls and comforter; green sheets and pillows; and a black desk). It’s roughly 20 x 30 inches and features a green wash-back with a contrasting stark black and white stencil of a tree. I am really pleased with the result, and am a little upset that these pictures don’t capture the subtle shifts in the background tone. I’ve always considered myself to be the artsy-fartsy type, but have never tried my hand at canvas painting before, I am very pleased with how this first foray turned out, and look forward to working on future pieces for my apartment or whatever the need may be. I’m a big fan of minimalist style, as well as stark contrast and vibrant colors, so I assume my future works will build upon this aesthetic. Hopefully someday I’ll know what I’m doing! I look forward to developing this as a hobby.

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Jeff Revell said...

Nice blog but seriously dude, get a bigger font so old farts like myself can read it. Good luck in FLA

Jeff Revell
(Husband of Suzanne)