The Blacklight Lounge Post

Last night was the 2-Year Anniversary of the Glo Lounge, a nightclub and bar off International Drive (tourist central in Orlando). Bruce and I received invitations as part of the ‘service industry’ at Cici’s Pizza place last week and decided to go. Free drinks at the bar all as well as a sushi bar and free wraps, not to mention a white-chocolate fondue fountain, made the whole ordeal very much worth checking out. Its called the Glo lounge for a reason, that being that everything is bathed in blacklight effects. Fortunately I was wearing a very light shirt, otherwise I image the lint and cat hair that must be allover me would have been very visible. Had a good time, met some cool people, played some neon pool, and drank Newcastles on the house. Afterwards we met up with Greg from Universal and headed over to Fridays for some wings and to watch the Shamrock/Ortiz fight, which unfortunately was as disappointing as it was predictable. Going to see if I cant get a few guys together to get the UFC PPV this weekend, could be good.

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