The Parental Visit Post

This weekend Mum and Dad made it down with the Celica to visit and do a swapping of the keys for my Focus. The stuffed the car with more of my belongings that I was unable to fit in the car on my initial trip down here; Including my TV and Coolio. Also coming down with them were all the parts for my new computer, which Dad spend the majority of the weekend assembling. More on that in a future post. It was great to see them again, and having people in my usually empty apartment made me realize how much I really did miss all the little things that come with having family with you. We didn’t waste any time, and spent the weekend getting furniture, building bed frames and searching for various items that I’d been lacking. Christmas comes for me in October this year, as Mum and Dad opted to kit me out with everything I need for my apartment now, versus waiting till I came back up for Christmas. They have set me up really well, from a bed frame to s-video cables, my place is pretty stocked (even the fridge is brimming!). I’ll get some shots of the apartment on here soon, once I get everything sorted and sussed, but the place is looking terrific, and is much further along that I would of ever anticipated this early into my relocation. Thanks a million both of you!

Coolio apparently made the trip without fuss, and is doing really well here. Claiming the couch pretty much the second it was assembled; she’s spent most of her time exploring the apartment and lazing about in her new surroundings. I’m glad she’s adapting so well, I was worried she’d be very sad and/or effected by the drive. Apparently Max is missing her pretty badly bad home though.
We also had cause to celebrate, as Dad received word while on the way down here that his new job offer went through. So he’ll be starting at the new company with his old boss Steve next month. He’s really excited and it’s a terrific opportunity, congrats again Dad. We went out to McCormick & Schmitt’s for dinner to celebrate and I tried the Seared Tuna, which was fantastic (if not very different from what I was expecting). I’d never been before, but it was brilliant food, and even more amazing desserts. Definitely would recommend.

All in all this was a brilliant weekend, it was great to see my parents as well as get so much accomplished towards the apartment. I feel very spoiled. The only downside to it all is my fantasy team has sat neglected for the past two weeks, and are doing pretty awful. There goes my perfect record… oh well, I think it was worth the sacrifice.

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