The Free Lunch Post

So yeah, title says it all. Cici’s Pizza, a local brand of all-you-can-eat style pizza runs this thing twice a year for all service industry employees, where you eat and drink for free, as much as you want. Pretty crazy, and good food. Apparently someone in the office kinda-sorta counts as service industry, and printed off enough invitations for the whole department. End of the day, I ate far too much and feel like I don’t fit behind my desk now that we are back at work. In other unrelated news, I was talking to some of the guys from the Warehouse department and apparently two hookers were caught filming a porno by the lake right behind our office building. Somewhere in the office there is a picture apparently, but nobody remembers where its hidden. Not that I want to see it of course. But we are close to “The Trail” (Orange Blossom Trail Rd) which is notorious for hookers, so its pretty believable. Mum and Dad are in later today, bringing Coolio, my TV and a few other goodies. Not to mention the parts for my new computer, which we will (hopefully) be building this weekend. I’m stoked, even if it does mean I gotta sleep on the air mattress.

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