The UCF Bars Post

Last night I went out to the UCF Area to check out a couple of bars with Duncan’s friends Alana and Nathan. Had a good time, the bars were pretty good and had a lot of stuff going on (trivia stations at the tables, bar tab bingo, loads of TVs with the UCF game on etc.) UCF actually won a game (apparently it’s uncommon) so the place was pretty crazy. The guy selling Bingo tickets hooked me up and let me play for free which was cool of him, didn’t win of course, but that was to be expected. The whole area out by the university is really nice; the plaza these bars were at was absolutely massive. I would like to make it a regular haunt simply due to the variety and the fact that that’s where the student go to chill, but its pretty far away from me (45 min down a toll road) and Orlando traffic is pretty crap, especially down the 408. But yeah, it was great to have a night out and do some socializing, even if I did come in last place in the trivia contest (twice).

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