The 'Speed Demon' Post

So I got my first ticket today. Not three days after owning the flash new car I get busted for going 13 over the limit at a light a few hundred yards from my apartment. Honestly if I were in my familiar Focus, I recon I’d of been going faster, but either way I’m hit with $155 fee as well as an additional $72 for not having proof of insurance on me (relocation is slowing that down). So great, that’s $250 bucks I wasn’t planning on spending before lunch today. Hopefully I’ll be able to stomach the hit as far as my bank account goes. Damn this red car, it’s a magnet for getting pulled over (Dad was numerous times), but I can’t claim to not be at fault here (48 in a 35). I’ll spare the sob story but it was one of those situations where you’ve got open road ahead of you and you were just about to hit a light, but 100feet before you get there it changes green. So I speed up…and get tickets. It was kinda scary though (well not really) because I was pulled over next to a group of guys who’d been pulled out of a truck and we being padded down and handcuffed not 3 feet from my car. They were just kinda staring at me as they were being ‘processed’.

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