The New Face Of Universal Post

This weekend I was at both Universal parks for a set of photo shoots for Amazing Pictures. They needed people to be photographed on some of the rides to be used as samples for the 'buy your ride photos'-posters that you see when coming off of most of the park's attractions. Universal paid for my ticket to both parks and I was cut to the front of every line, often multiple times, and didnt have to wait for a single thing, which was pretty awesome. I went with Bruce and his family (who had to pose for all the family and little-kid shots) and I was there for the coaster pictures. All in all, a pretty cool expereicne, would have been nice to have subsidized parking... but I really cant complain. Next time you go to Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios look for my face on all the ride signs, and then be jelous that you're pictures arnt nearly as handsome. I'll see if I can't fenagle a poster or two from the Universal rep for apartment (and blog) decoration next time he's in.

I got to see some if my recent work in use in the park, which is an awesome feeling for a designer. I saw families posing to have thier faces mapped onto Shrek templates I designed aswell as examples of my borders and frames in various stores accross the park. Bruce and family posed for a few of my 'Shreks and they all worked perfectly (I was worried ther would be some sort of error...or ten). Stayed at the park all day for the shoot, and wandered about City Walk after they closed down for the night. I plan on heading back there at somepoint, there were lots of interesting bars, clubs and stores there plus the Orlando Hardrock and a massive theater.

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