The Stairwell Visitor Post

Ok, so two nights back I was having a hard time getting to sleep. Not because Coolio was winging, not because it was too hot, and not for any of the usual reasons. This particular night I couldn’t get to sleep due to a cracked-out guy rampaging in my stairwell. This guy was wailing and moaning like he’d been shot and was making a huge amount of noise. I couldn’t see him from my window so I assumed it was maybe the guy downstairs throwing up or whatever. An hour went by and there is still moaning, and no one has done anything about it (I was half hoping that another neighbor would call it in to the apartment security). This was 4:00 in the morning mind you, so I was pissed.

Shortly after a large banging started up, as well as stomping sounds and lots of scraping. By this point the man had moved into the light in front of the building and was viable from my balcony window. He was banging his head on the poles that hold up the balconies, and spitting on a boom-box he was holding. He’d then shine the stereo with his shirt and attempt to \listen to it. It was of course a large, wall-powered stereo, so it didn’t work. This angered him apparently and he punched it into the concrete. He’d then pick it up, dust it of, and spit shine it again. The whole time wailing and moaning like the undead. This went on for a good five minutes while I tried to make sense of the situation. He was wearing a Fubu shirt, that seemed cleaned and relatively new, as well as nice sandals and sunglasses on his short cropped and neat hair. Simply put the guy did not look homeless. But the box of lamps and stereo equipment he has with him dragging along the floor would lead you to think otherwise.

I called the apartment security who showed up half an hour later (great response time. I’m glad there was no real threat) and spoke to him for a while. He wasn’t making much sense and from their body language they were puzzled as to what to do with the guy. After he rambled about domestic abuse and guns, and jail they escorted him off to his ‘apartment’, which he claimed to not know where it was, but insisted he lived in the complex. Weird. I got to sleep shortly after, and woke up cranky.

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