The Celica Post

So Dad and Mum handed over the title to the Celica to me, so its officially mine. Owning a car is a new experience to me, as I’ve always driven their cars. I mean, there is no doubt that I considered the Focus “my car” when I had it, but it never belonged to me, and was very much the family's property (that I was the constant user of). Now that the Celica is officially mine, it feels different. I love the car for starters, and want to put in the effort to keep it looking good. There are some dings, dents and chips that I’d like to sort out, as well as some interior bumps and bruises that are associated with an older (its only a 2000 though) car. I’ll take it out to a body shop for an assessment when things die down. First and foremost I need to sort out getting it insured down here, including sorting out the catalytic converter and getting the emissions tested, so that will be my focus (no pun intended) for the upcoming week. Though I miss my Focus, I am loving the new car, and am very appreciative of the fact that Mum and Dad have passed on the keys to me. Now all I need to do is hope that I can afford to keep it on the road.

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Jill said...

Very nice! I love your car, a 2000 red celica GTS was my first love, until I killed it :(