The Coolio Post

‘Coolio Antonio Banderas’ has been my roommate now for almost a week and she’s adjusting very well to her new home. She’s picked all the primo seating to become her spots and has marked her territory with an abundance of shed hair. I try to keep up with it with numerous lint rollers and special de-hairing gloves from Petsmart, but having black cushions is doing me in. Whatever, its worth it to have her here. We kitted her out with a giant box to sleep in last weekend, and she routinely picks that over her plush bed I bought her (go figure). Its hard to imagine that she’s 12 years old. She doesn’t act like an old cat by any means, and is definitely ‘all there’ and not one of those senile old house cats. She gets her exercise by chasing my lazerpen and beating the crap out of her new toys Mum and Dad picked up for her (see below).

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