The Lunch Break Post

Yesterday I went out for my lunch break with the Art Department crew to check out Backyard Burgers. It’s a Five Guys-eske fast food burger joint, with excellent food, or so I’d been told by coworkers. I ordered a Big Chili Burger, and man was it awesome. Messy. But Awesome. Joined their frequent customer club and got a card for stamping (free burger after 9 stamps, oh yeah!) All in all, highly recommended, cheap and fast food. I’m sure I’ll be taking visitors there in the future as converts. They make pretty much every type of burger possible, and it tastes like its right off of a BBQ. Great stuff.

So what’s the point of this seemingly meaningless post? Well besides to share the joy that is Backyard Burger with you, I wanted to segway into my trip out for lunch today. George and I went to Chipotle, a long time favorite of mine. First off, its a lot cheaper down here, like by two or three bucks on every item (including the beer) which is awesome (for me). However, that comes at a price. That price being they don’t cook their meat. I had a very inedible pile of moldable, almost blue meat underneath my lettuce and salsa. Normally I don’t mind rare-er meats, but this was just gross, I couldn’t chew it. So I flagged the manager, who was uber apologetic and made the chef come out and apologize. Apparently, working a cooking surface in an assembly line warrens the title ‘chef’ these days, but whatever. She instantly whipped me up a well cooked, and oversized replacement, and gave me a coupon good for a free meal in the future. Not bad really. Hopefully I wont get salmonella, or e coli, or whatever you get from uncooked meat.

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