The 360 v2 Post

Today I finally got my 360 back in the mail after waiting for almost a month for it to be repaired. I’m stoked as I can finally sink my teeth into Blue Dragon and Bioshock, both of which I have been after for a good while. Unfortunately my original system was unrepeatable and Microsoft sent me a refurbished system in its place. No new features or anything like that, just one that was previously defective and now functional. Not that I am bothered that I am inheriting someone else’s previously faulty system, but I don’t really like the idea of it no being my 360. Its not the same system I waited in line for in front of Best Buy in the winter cold (twice). I build up an unnecessary attachment to a lot of my possessions and while a faceless piece of machinery is hardly sentimental, it is different. Hopefully this one didn’t die twice already and is in tiptop shape. So far no complaints. Just happy to have it back. I found these shirts to be rather amusing in it's absence.

UPDATE- 9/17/07
The refurbished system they sent lasted a weekend then died. I'm pretty pissed at this point having been without for just shy of a month and getting someone else's defective used system is hardly worth the wait. Expecting a call from them tomorrow to clear all this up. Till then I am pouty. All I want is my bathtub and game system to work. Can I not have both?


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