The One Year Post

So its officially been one year since I started working here at Colorvision. Crazy to think that it’s been that long, but at the same time rather fitting. When I think bout how well I know my coworkers and feel like I have a neat ‘fit’ in the company, it seems like I’ve been there forever. But when I think about working for MowCow in Virginia just before making the move, it feels like it was yesterday. Bruce took my out for a celebratory Firehouse sub which is an appreciated sentiment. Weird how time can change depending on how you look at it. Wonder how I’ll feel about things a year from now?

While it is all too easy to miss home and wonder why I'd ever leave the comfort of Vienna I can also look back on this past year and feel proud and pleased with the way it turned out. Yes I have missed everyone, and of course leaving was one of the biggest changes in my life, but I think I’d be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t recognize how much the change has been for the better in many ways. For starters I think I have matured a lot. I still find a good poop joke to be the most hilarious thing on the planet, but on the other hand I pay bills, watch insurance rates, keep an eye on income and make sure everything comes together at the end of the month. Things I never had a grasp of before heading down here. Hardly big accomplishments for most, but changes none the less. My graphic portfolio now boast names like Universal, Disney and Lucasfilm, and I’ve become a valued member of a team that I really enjoy being a part of. I also think that I’ve had opportunities to do things I never would have if I had been in Virginia. This past year I’ve had many new experiences from gambling cruises and shuttle launches, to VIP sections and hanging with DJs. Being out on my own has made me take a more active role in the direction I take myself at work and in my free time, I’ve had a great experience over the past 12 months and the friends I have met here have helped make the adjustments all the more enjoyable.


Ali said...

Congrats Jamie. Its no mean feat to get out there and make it such a success as you have. We're proud......and not even your parents either ;) A&B

Anonymous said...

In some ways I can't believe it's been a year but in others I can. You really grown up. No more 'future man' comments from me. Guess who :)

Mouth Breathing Old Codger said...

It's only been a year and already you've opened up a big ole can o design whoopAss!