The Birthday Weekend Post

Apparently this is the cool weekend to have a birthday. Saturday I headed over to the Wolfgang’s for Hayden’s 2nd birthday party. There where a fair few people there which sort of intimidated the poor little guy, especially when everyone was giving him all their attention most of the time. He was able to escape to the moon bounce they had to have some fun with his cousins and friends though, so I think its safe to say he had a god time. I had to leave early to go back and check on how Coolio was faring in the toxic paint cloud that is my apartment. But I did get to stick around from some awesome food, the candle blowing and some flying monkey. Judging from the pile of presents he had to open when I left they kid is going to have an awesome weekend. I miss being 2.

Last night I wet downtown with Buck and Laura to meet up with their friends for Jessica’s birthday. We went to the Thai restaurant that Sarah and I went to one time she was here. Great food, but really slow coming, which was amplified by the fact that we were all starving. Afterwards we went back to Dave and Jess’ to chill and play poker. I dipped out early again (apparently that’s my thing this weekend) due to the 3 hours of sleep I got the night previous.

Friday night Kristina from work had a (non-birthday)party out at here house which Bruce, Stacey and I went to. When I got there, there where keg issues due to the guy at the store giving them a domestic tap for a keg of Heineken. So no sooner had I arrived I was sent off on the keg-party mission lugging the thing back to the st
ore. Flashbacks of Total Wine employment where aplenty. Everything worked out though and I had a good time. The evening was marred slightly with the persistent debates breaking out with a very conservative/traditional family who liked to strike up discussion about all hot button topics imaginable. It was easily avoidable if you stayed off the back porch however.

Dad’s birthday is today as well which is kinda crazy. This time last year was my last night in Virginia. Stefan and I were working the tiki-bar for Dad’s Hawaii-5.0 party and the next morning I left for the Amtrak station. Bizarre to think how time can fly. Happy Birthday to all!

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So, why are you the 'keg man'?