The Heroic Post

Heroes (season 1) recently came out on DVD, and I just spent the week plowing through episode after episode. Henry picked up a copy for the department so we can familiarize ourselves with the show. I previously knew nothing about it besides some of the character names after dealing with the license at our NBC New York location. After the first episode I was hooked and found myself chomping through 3-4 episodes a day. Didn’t take very long to polish off the season. Fantastic show; well acted, great characters, interesting and engaging plot. Very impressive. I think its one of those shows that would be brutal to watch week-to-week though, what with the cliffhanger endings and multiple storylines. I know season 2 is kicking off soon which is exciting, however I think I’ll hold off until the next DVD set before I get into it again. I’ve had my fill for the time being, plus the ending (though good) was not as complex or clever as the buildup to it was, so I am a smidgen bitter. If you haven’t seen the show yet, I advise checking out the set.

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