The Confused Repair Post

So the back and forth with the bathtub has escalated to ridiculous now. The apartment complex was supposed to send a guy to fix the still dripping tap (apparently it’s a real doosey because he’s already failed once), and Tuesday I come home to find the familiar note on my countertop saying that the repair man had been in the apartment. However this time the note said:

“fixed leaking AC”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I’m not quite sure how you come to fix a tap (for the second time) and somehow find yourself fixing a leaking AC and still leave the tap dripping away. Now I knew the AC was an issue and leaked into the tub as well, however you can stop that problem by turning the AC off, which I had been doing every time a repair guy was in to look at the bath. So I call back the apartment complex to explain the difference between a tap and an air conditioner and they promised to send someone out to fix the actual problem. I really don’t understand why the guy doesn’t just move in with me, he’s here every week. So far no one has showed to try again, but I sincerely hope they get to it tomorrow before the weekend, or else I am going to be waiting another week before I can get the sealer back to finish the job. Idiots!

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