The Toxic Fumes Post

This bathtub issue has gone from bad to worse. Where did I last leave off on this wonderful adventure… ah yeah, ok so I got a hold of the apartment community repair manager (the one who claimed to have never said she’d send anybody) to find her tune has changed to ‘oh I sent a guy and he knocked on the door and no one answered all morning’- odd change of story, but one I could easily shame as I was in the apartment waiting from 7 in the morning until 5 that evening. Anyway she shoots for next Saturday. Saturday rolls around and the guy arrives at 8 on the dot. Nice guy, came in tore up the old lining and prepped for the new one. Unfortunately he was unable to finish the job because the tap was leaking. Now the tap was dripping marginally before he got there sure, but was a steady stream of leakage after he left...fine. I call the apartment people to fix the tap...oh it will be Tuesday because of the long weekend. Damn it. Ok that’s fine. Next week I come home one day after work and sure enough the pouring water has subsided and a note is on my counter saying a guy repaired the issue. I call the tub guy back, he says he’ll come on Thursday. Thursday comes he says Friday. Friday comes it goes to Saturday. So here we are Saturday and he just left again because the tap is dripping again and he cant seal!!! I head down to the leasing office and practically murder the poor woman who happens to be there today with complaints. She says they will put in the work order for the tap on Monday and someone will come by sometime next week. At which point I can call the tub-guy back for the fourth time and see what he can do. Unfortunately my tub stands half-sealed at this point and my apartment is a cesspool of toxic paint fumes. I have the doors open and fans blowing but its 95 degrees outside today so my apartment is just plain nasty at the moment. Worst of all I can’t take a shower for 24 hours AND have the joy of looking forward to this crap all over again next week. I can’t stress how badly I am ready to me out of this armpit. Now if you’ll excuse me I am going to go to the gym so I can take a shower.

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