The Published Illustator Post

About three years ago my uncle Bob asked me to draw some illustrations for a little book project he had started. The book; Sun-Dried Aardvark Tongue Swizzle Sticks, is a hilarious mock-catalogue featuring ridiculous products harvested unnecessarily from endangered and rare animals. With outrageous descriptions and hysterical ideas Bob has written a collection of really funny products that will have all but the vegan-iest of readers rolling on the floor laughing. I had a blast churning out picture after picture for the book over the course of the following months. I mean, how often is it that someone asks you to draw a 'wall mounted springbok penis whiskey dispenser'? Allot of time and work has gone into this catalogue and finally it’s on the verge of being published. Bob has set up a blog chronicling the publishing process of the book which you can check out here. I’ve been given access to the blog and will be posting updates and comments on the whole project in the not-to-distant future, and will be sure to keep you all updated here once the book hits shelves. The official site is launching very soon, and production is about to ramp up. I’m really excited to see this long term project finally coming together. More to come very soon.

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